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Anonymous asked: the one that got away?

There’s a few..there’s a very notable one though. She resides very close to my heart still.

quantedius asked: will you share your poem w. me



nineteen & twenty


nineteen & twenty

Anonymous asked: A level results?

I’ll be going to Southampton to study English and Philosophy.
That answers your question.





Anonymous asked: do you like anyone atm?


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Anonymous asked: muscular boys or slim boys?


For The Gold Hatted Lover

Oft’ had I heard of Elizabeth and
what she pledged to herself.
In morn and tide, a lacking of health,
That would quiver then subside.

Would thou’st heave and break,
When’st the hour of grief flew,
And in time justly celebrate,
Nuisance of urge within you?

A Mother to my Red Flower,
Dearest Lucy, of balanced delight,
Forfeit of education, in youths own hour,
And yet, a stricken academic sight.

A flower in bloom upon the Heath,
Your wandering hand, a simmering tale,
A fragment of lust must do sheath,
Or my cheek a picture, of that most pale.

Let the Salmon swim and the Bear try,
Within our hands the water leaves,
Yet youth does protest the sky,
Rebel faced girls never believe.

I suppose if anything, it was more about what we built in the small time we had. I don’t miss him. He was there and now he’s gone and that’s just how things work. I could be bitter that I hide behind a veil of hyper sexuality infused with a overloaded regime of promiscuity..I’m all there.
I like fucking girls. I’m fucking one now and it’s good, it is what it is. My head is so full of things..tiny little things. If I try to kill myself again I might actually do it this time and I’ll linger in my bedroom watching them decide whether or not to change my sheets. I worry about the future and whether or not I’ll make an impact. I worry about the weather and how it affects what I wear.
I think I’m emotionally attached to some films and apparently that’s okay, but I’m worried I might masturbate myself into a coma if I’m not careful. Is that possible? Probably.
I’m finding it harder and harder to take off my jeans and I’m scared I might upset a rapist if I find myself in that unlucky position. I still try to prelong myself when I have sex because I don’t want to have shit sex with absolutely anyone. I can last about an hour on my good days but what use is that when any moment now I might just throw myself off a bridge?
Oops, there it is again. The pulsing and inevitable. great bragging of ME. Me me me. There’s me and me. Of course me and me. Me. All of me. Take all of me. Let me ejaculate inside of you or maybe wear your dead mother’s bones around my neck. Rub my genitals on the ground you walk on till they bleed. That’s love..surely. It’s a new wave. A gospel. I don’t know who it’s according to but it compels complete un cooperation and reworded sexual fantasies. Maybe I want someone to eat me. Maybe I want to eat someone while I jack off to a porno fresh out of ‘86.

Anonymous asked: do you see yourself getting into a relationship anytime soon?

Do I want to? Sure, why not.
Do I think I will? I doubt it.

Anonymous asked: Person you want to have sex with right now?