Anonymous asked: Oh! Chronos, give us time, our diverging paths will reconnect and we'll be on the same journey from there. Our souls will entwine once more if you allow it so, I promise. Belle âme.

Sounds like it


i don’t want to fuck you anymore2014


i don’t want to fuck you anymore

Anonymous asked: Do you believe in kindred spirits? Such as Cathy and Heathcliff? Do you have experiences with such bonds?


Anonymous asked: When was the last time you had sex?


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Anonymous asked: the one that got away?

There’s a few..there’s a very notable one though. She resides very close to my heart still.

quantedius asked: will you share your poem w. me



nineteen & twenty


nineteen & twenty

Anonymous asked: A level results?

I’ll be going to Southampton to study English and Philosophy.
That answers your question.





Anonymous asked: do you like anyone atm?


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Anonymous asked: muscular boys or slim boys?


For The Gold Hatted Lover

Oft’ had I heard of Elizabeth and
what she pledged to herself.
In morn and tide, a lacking of health,
That would quiver then subside.

Would thou’st heave and break,
When’st the hour of grief flew,
And in time justly celebrate,
Nuisance of urge within you?

A Mother to my Red Flower,
Dearest Lucy, of balanced delight,
Forfeit of education, in youths own hour,
And yet, a stricken academic sight.

A flower in bloom upon the Heath,
Your wandering hand, a simmering tale,
A fragment of lust must do sheath,
Or my cheek a picture, of that most pale.

Let the Salmon swim and the Bear try,
Within our hands the water leaves,
Yet youth does protest the sky,
Rebel faced girls never believe.